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Radio Gaga

The local radio-station where most things never go according to plan. Martin, the young editor, desperately tries to usher the rest of the unbelievably incompetent staff to produce something resembling a radio-broadcast, but he is rarely successful.

Even though the backdrop for this comic-strip is a local radio-station, most of the stories revolve around the six people who work there and their chaotic private lives:


Global Gaga

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For publication of the strip in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Belgium, contact:

Bulls Press
Eysseneckstrasse 50
D-60322 Frankfurt am Main

For publication in all other countries, contact

Radio Gaga is copyright © 2020 Øyvind Sagåsen. Material from the comic strip may not be used without permission from the copyright holder.

You can read, subscribe to and support Radio Gaga on Tapas. It's a great way to read comics! Radio Gaga is also available as a webcomic, updated daily Monday to Friday.

The Characters

... despite his tender age, is the stations editor. Only a manic belief in “it will all work out in the end” and frequent blowouts to his friend, the bartender at the local establishment, keeps him from going amok on the staff with a semi-automatic, sawed off, bicycle seat. Martin's world is an endless battle with chaos. This applies equally to his private life and often leads to awkward situations with the opposite sex.

Radio Gaga’s man in the field. Owen has both feet planted firmly on a beehive and a notorious ability to stumble into situations he can’t handle. However he’s not one to shy away from the many challenges that somehow always seem to come his way. Owen goes doggedly to work with all the wits he can gather, careless of any consequences.

... is Radio Gaga’s roving reporter. She submerges herself in any spiritual movement or lifestyle-philosophy that pops up. To the world she’s a warm, self-assured, independent, and not least, sensual woman in her prime. In reality, she’s so tightly screwed together that the slightest comment can send her reeling towards a nervous breakdown that can only be averted by buckets of morning-mist herbal tea and mass quantities of red wine.

Suzi Radio Gaga’s technician extraordinaire. All the excellence and skill in the world can’t prepare her for the task of straightening out the mountains of mayhem that her colleagues attempt to broadcast.

...has seen too many political debate programs. He nails “the powers that be” to the wall during his current-events program He fires off questions at blistering speed, never waiting for annoying answers.

Born on the Sunny-side of life and Gaga’s proud owner. Inherited the station from “dear old Dad”, due to tax related issues. What Clayton doesn’t know about running a radio station could fill New York City public library. But he does tear himself away from his yacht every now and then and swaggers into the editing room, if for no other reason, to try out some new lines on Suzi.

Radio Gaga was conceived in 2001, and has gradually grown to become one of Scandinavia's most popular comic-strips! Tens of thousands of fans are following the going ons in Radio Gaga every day and the loyal following of fans are steadily growing. Radio Gaga is created by Øyvind Sagåsen (signature "Flis"). Flis is a seasoned comic-strip artist, and has through his 31 year long career had his work published in over 300 magazines in 10 different countries. Radio Gaga can today be found in some of the largest comic magazines, newspapers and websites in Scandinavia, which collectively reaches several hundred thousand readers each month.

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